Alarm It Screaming Alarmed Cable Locks

Alarm It Screaming Cable Lock Protection for Cycling Enthusiasts

While a few types of criminal activity is declining, bicycle theft is again on the rise according to the latest FBI reports.  The increasing popularity of cycling as a sport and means of transportation have made bicycles an increasingly easy target for thieves and thugs. 

The most recent statistics from the FBI's Uniform Crime Report estimate that over 1.5 million bicycles are stolen each year.   Additionally, they show that the taste of bicycle thieves is also improving with the average price of a stolen bike now more than $338.00

Don't become part of another crime statistic!  Protect your bicycles with the 120 decibel SCREAMING protection of an Stainless Steel Alarm It Cable Lock System.

Top 10 Cities for Bicycle Theft in the U.S.

If you're cycling in any one of the following crime ridden cities, you and all of your cycling friends should invest in the protection of a 120 decibel SCREAMING Alarmed Cable Lock from Alarm It.

Bicycle theft can occur almost anywhere, even from the relative security of your garage.  Many cyclists also have additional security needs such as securing campsite equipment, helmets, etc.   Alarm It Stainless Cycling Cable Locks with their 120 Decibel SCREAMING Alarm can easily be customized to fit almost any cycling security need.  The high intensity flashers with nearly two mile visibility also make it the perfect accessory when cycling at night!

120 decibel bicycle theft deterrent