Alarm It Screaming Alarmed Cable Locks

Alarm It Screaming Cable Lock Protection for Fishing and Diving Equipment

With their stainless steel construction, Alarm It SCREAMING Alarmed Cable Locks offer the perfect solution for security applications for marine personal property and this includes fishing and diving equipment.  Hundreds of deep sea charter captains now secure their ultra expensive reels and rods with Alarm It Cable Locks when equipment is temporarily left unattended. 

Alarm It also offers an inexpensive security solution when protecting against the theft of outboard motors, trolling motors, small boats, coolers, scuba tanks and gear and all sorts of other equipment used by saltwater and freshwater sportsmen alike.  When you want to protect your expensive marine sporting equipment from common thugs and thieves, Don't Just Lock It...ALARM IT!

Alarm It Stainless Steel SCREAMING Alarmed Cable Locks are the sportsman's choice for protecting...

Theft of ultra-expensive deep sea fishing reels and other marine fishing equipment is a serious problem for anyone engaged in the sport and especially for charter captains.  Theft of small dinghies, Zodiacs, outboard motors, trolling motors, stainless BBQs, and many other pieces of marine equipment from theft is a constant problem for live-a-boards and those enjoying  the "cruising" life style aboard their yacht.  Protect your valuable fishing and marine equipment with Alarm It SCREAMING Stainless Steel Cable Locks....TODAY!

Protect your fishing and scuba equipment with Alarm It Cable Locks