Alarm It Screaming Alarmed Cable Locks

Alarm It Screaming Cable Lock Protection for Golf Carts

Golf Cart Theft is a constant concern at country clubs where carts taken on midnight joy rides often end up in lakes and ponds heavily damaged.  Just as alarming are the increasing number of golf cart thefts from the homes of senior citizens in mobile home parks where carts are used as a basic mode of transportation.  Golf cart ignition switches are easily compromised with basic tools making carts an easy target for thugs, thieves, and delinquents.

Don't let your valuable golf cart become a statistic.  When storing carts for the evening, secure them with a 120 Decibel Stainless Steel Alarmed Cable Lock from Alarm It. Users of our SCREAMING Alarm Systems include...

A growing problem in golf cart theft is in the area of "personal carts" used in many seniors in adult mobile home living communities where thugs steal unsecured carts parked in carports.

Alarm It's 8 ft. heavy 6.5mm cable which we use for ATVs, jet skis, snowmobiles, etc. is also used by thousands of seniors nationwide to secure their golf carts from "joyrides" ,theft, and needless destruction.  Don't become a statistic.  Don't just lock your golf cart...Alarm It!

Golf Cart Theft Protection:  Alarm It Cable Locks