Alarm It Screaming Alarmed Cable Locks

Alarm It Screaming Cable Lock Protection for Grills and Patio Furniture

BBQ Grills and expensive Patio Furniture have become popular targets for thugs and thieves looking for a quick score.  In many recent cases, entire neighborhoods have lost thousands of dollars of equipment in a single "hit".  High-line stainless steel grills are not only expensive, but easy to steal and most owners do not think of protecting these items until they are long gone!

Don't let your expensive Gas Grill and Patio Furniture fall into the hands of common criminals.  Protect your grill and patio furniture with a 120 decibel Stainless Steel SCREAMING Cable Lock from Alarm It.  Use our House and Patio Cable Lock System to secure...

Homes where residents are on a family vacation provide a particularly inviting target! While you're away, don't become a statistic.  You can protect your grill, patio furniture and other outdoor items with Alarm It's award winning SCREAMING alarm technology.  Also use Alarm It cable locks to secure riding lawnmowers and other lawn care equipment when storage in a secure area such as a garage is not an option.  

Screaming Alarm Locks for BBQ and patio Furniture Protection