Alarm It Screaming Alarmed Cable Locks

Protect Your Equipment and Property With an Alarm It Screaming Cable Lock

Since 1999, Alarm It Cable Lock Systems has offered a full range of stainless steel alarmed cable locks, accessories and adapters to protect virtually any piece of equipment or personal property.  Alarm Its' heavy stainless steel construction and resistance to weather and corrosion means years of trouble free service in virtually any climate or under the most adverse of operational conditions.

Alarm It is the world's most versatile cable lock system and is known as "the lock of a thousand uses"Alarm Its are used worldwide to protect motorcycles and scooters, power sports equipment, golf carts, tools and construction equipment, camping and fishing gear, and much much more.  Its stainless steel construction makes it the perfect solution for all types of marine security applications.  We have even sold hundreds of Alarm Its to the United States Navy to protect tools and equipment at America's submarine repair facilities.  Select any application from the "Protect Your" option in our website's Navigation Bar above  to find just the right Alarm It Cable Lock Security System with Screaming Alarm to meet and satisfy your security requirements.

Protect Your Valuables with a Screaming Cable Lock