Alarm It Screaming Alarmed Cable Locks

Alarm It Screaming Cable Lock Protection for Jet Skis and Personal Watercraft

Jet Skis and other types of Personal Watercraft make an inviting (and very profitable) target for today's enterprising thieves and thugs and securing these very expensive personal items when not in use is exceeding important.  In the U.S., over 1,100 personal watercraft are stolen each and every year costing the insurance industry over $40 million annually.   Often overlooked is the additional need to secure your personal watercraft's trailerDon't become just another statistic on the daily police blotter!  Always make certain you secure both your jet ski and trailer with a 120 decibel Stainless Steel SCREAMING Alarm Cable Lock System from Alarm It.

Where are personal watercraft most stolen?

The answer is anywhere and everywhere.  In fact most thefts do not occur on the water but from trailers parked in driveways or garages. Alarm It SCREAMING Stainless Steel Cable Locks provide the perfect deterrent to a daring  thief or thug.

As Featured in Personal Watercraft Magazine

As featured in Personal Watercraft Magazine, Alarm It's Stainless Steel Construction and weather resistant technology make it the cable lock of choice for all marine applications.  Don't risk your personal watercraft, trailer, and equipment to loss by an everyday thug or thief trying to "make a score".  Anyone can become a statistic.  Protect your valuable wave runner and its trailer with a SCREAMING 120 decibel Stainless Steel Security System from Alarm It.

Jet Ski Theft Protection from Alarm It