Alarm It Screaming Alarmed Cable Locks

Alarm It Screaming Cable Lock Protection for Canoes and Kayaks

Canoe and Kayak Security is essential for all those involved in the sport in today's theft-plagued economy.  With the cost of a well outfitted kayak or canoe easily exceeding $1,000, more and more small watercraft are being stolen from car tops and campgrounds.  Avoid becoming  just another statistic to a vicious thief or thug.  When it comes to your kayak or canoe, don't  use a standard easily defeated cable lock.  Make thugs and thieves seek out easier prey with an attention-getting 120 decibel SCREAMING Cable Lock Alarm System from ALARM IT!

Use your Alarm It Cable Lock System to secure all types of kayaks, canoes, and small watercraft.

Protect Canoes and kayaks against theft with an Alarm It SCREAMING Alarm Cable Lock System

There are many solutions and options when it comes to Canoe and Kayak protection.  For those seeking to primarily protect their "Yak" on the car top, we recommend Alarm It's Kayak Car Top kit which includes a heavy 4ft. 6.5 mm cable and our optional cable mounting hardware.  For those with more of a focus on camping and fishing, we recommend Alarm It's Kayak Explorer kit which adds a 20 ft. 5mm cable for protecting your fishing and camping gear while on your journey.

Protect your kayaks and canoes with Alarm It Alarmed Cable Locks