Alarm It Screaming Alarmed Cable Locks

Common Questions and Answers

Q.  Do Alarms Its have a motion sensor?
A.  No, Alarm Its will only sound the alarm if the cable is cut or accessory activated.

Q.  How do the flashers work?
A.  With the lid open, there is a 3-position switch to operate the flashers.

Q.  What is the high-intensity flasher for?
A.  The bright high intensity flasher is for cycling or kayaking at night.

Q.  What is the low-intensity flasher for?
A.  The low intensity flasher warns thieves your valuables are alarmed.

Q.  Are Alarm Its waterproof?
A.  Alarm Its have sealed electronics and are highly water resistant.

Q.  What is the warranty period on Alarm It products
A.  One year conditional warranty for replacement if the unit fails to function

Q.  How can I test the Alarm It?
A.  With the lid open and looking in, place a cable end in the left side only.  Alarm will sound.

Q.  Are Alarm Its corrosion resistant?
A.  Yes, they are manufactured with corrosion resistant stainless steel.

Q.  Are the cables stainless steel as well?
A.  Yes, the cables are vinyl coated aircraft quality stainless steel.