Alarm It Screaming Alarmed Cable Locks

Truck and Tool Theft Protection from Alarm It Cable Locks

Ask any tradesman.  Theft of valuable (and essential) Tools and Equipment from construction job sites is an all too common occurrence.  Take a lunch are gone!  And its just as bad for general contractors where the theft of rental equipment such as compressors and generators can mean a sizable loss even on small jobs.

Don't take the risk!  Protect your investment in expensive tools and equipment on and off the job with a Stainless Steel SCREAMING Alarm Cable Lock System from Alarm It.

Who Protects Their Tools With Alarm Its?

Alarm It Cable Locks protect all types of tools and equipment from theft!  Who uses Alarm Its?

Construction jobsite theft is now at epidemic proportions in today's recessionary economy.  In recent surveys, over 97 percent of all construction workers are deeply concerned about tool theft while on the job

With less than 15% of all stolen tools being recovered,
it is easy to understand the critical importance of securing tools on the site as well as the popular diamond plate pick up truck tool boxes. 

Protect yourtools with Alarm It Cable Locks